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Shoe-lovers of the UK unite
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This community is for shoe obsessives of the UK.
There's no reason for you not to join if you live elsewhere, however, can you please refrain from offering information that is not relevant for those who live in the UK, for example,
websites that do not deliver to UK addresses.
Thank you.

This community is dedicated to bringing together shoe-lovers who cannot purchase from Zappos.com and are fed up of being jealous of everyone who has/can! Only by bringing our shoe obsessions together can we find constructive solutions to websites that do not deliver to the UK! As well as pointing each other in the direction of shops and department stores that stock our beloved commodities.

Rules: Just the usuals. If you have more than one picture please hide them behind a cut to save on loading time, etc. Please be polite; rude, offensive or off topic posts will be deleted. Contrary to the name and the picture this is not a shoe fetishists community, please leave vulgar comments at the door.

So go forth, share pictures, advice, show off, comment, learn, love, obsess, post anything shoe related and altogether marvel in the glory that is the shoe!

For your web-browsing pleasure:

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Schuh online
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tReds online

Your moderater, blueeyedbubbles